Nightlife | Inland Empire Offbeat Date Nights

By: Jamie Durante

Is a fancy restaurant and a movie not really your idea of a fun date? You're not alone! Although we can't provide you transportation to the moon, we have come up with eight fun ideas to spruce up your next date night. From geocaching to a silent retreat, you'll be rethinking the ways you approach your next date night.


1. Geocaching


Have you ever heard of geocaching? Basically you download an app on your phone and follow the tips and clues to find hidden treasures around town. Some geocaches have small gifts, others have a list where you can add your name. Either way, working together to find these hidden clues is a suspenseful and fun experience.

2. Meditate at Mt. Baldy Zen Center

From three-day silent meditation retreats to special ceremonies and more, Mt. Baldy Zen Center is a unique, spiritual and peaceful place to visit . . . especially with someone you love. Be sure to inquire about membership, and sign up for events in advance.


3. Go on a Brewery Tour


What sounds more romantic than being shuttled to various breweries around the IE while tasting an assortment of flavors from local brews? That’s right—nothing sounds more romantic! Book your tour today, and you’ll thank us later. Either that or you’ll have a killer hangover that was SO worth it! Check out IE Brewery Tours, Brewery Tours Inland Empire and Brewery Tours of Temecula.


4. Vocademy in Riverside 

Are you a creator, artist, inventor, tinkerer . . . or someone who is aspiring to just make something? Then you will love this makerspace! Sign up for a membership with your love or drop in for a class, and you can create whatever you can imagine while building skills and having access to $250,000 worth of tools and technology.

5. Indoor Rock Climbing Image Source:

Looking for adventure? If you’re not ready to hang off the side of a cliff, then maybe you want to start with indoor rock climbing. The Inland Empire is home to three different Hangar 18 locations in Upland, Rancho Cucamonga and Riverside, which means you can get your thrill close to home. You can also find indoor rock climbing at Big Air Trampoline Park in Redlands!


6. Laser Tag       

Who says a little friendly competition is a bad thing? Show your date that you are both competitive and skilled when it comes to directing your laser gun toward their sensors. Maybe you will gain a couple extra love points by allowing them to shoot your first. Who knows? Be adventurous!


7. Camping


Breathe in some fresh air, and take a look at the glistening night sky for once. You have to get out of the city lights if you want to enjoy these luxuries, and an overnight camping trip is the best way to do exactly that.


8. Volunteering

Nothing brings two hearts closer than giving back to those in need. Whether you choose to donate your time helping animals, children or society in general, get ready for a date that is both bonding and gratifying. Are you not sure where to donate your time? Find great, local non-profit organizations featured in our Community section.


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