Nightlife | Salsa at Sevilla Nightclub

By: Katrina Honer

Riverside’s Sevilla Nightclub offers a unique clubbing experience every Wednesday with Salsa and Bachata Night that delivers good times and sexy dance lessons to all attendees. Whether you are single, want to meet new people or looking for a fun night out with friends, it is guaranteed you will leave the club with plenty of new acquaintances and new moves.


From 8:30-9:30 p.m., dance instructors Erika Saucillo and Vince "The Bachata Prince" Torres manage to get a room full of strangers to let loose with their down-to-earth personalities and fun approach to dancing. Vince, who has been dancing professionally for seven years and has been teaching at Sevilla for the past three years, aims to push his students to want more and to understand the concept of Salsa.

I arrived at the club at 8:15p.m. on a Wednesday evening to find patrons already lined up outside the doors. On nights when a DJ is performing, the cover charge is $8 or $5 before 10p.m. with your name on guest list. When a band is performing, the cover is $12 or $8 before 10p.m. with your name on the guest list. You can easily get on the guest list by signing up on their website or by texting the promoter's number listed on the Sevilla Nightclub Facebook page.


When the doors finally opened, I walked into an intimate lounge with a spacious wooden dance floor and plush couches that encircled the club. Many crowded the bar and I could see why—$6 sangrias and mojitos were reasonably priced for the size of the drink received.

As I waited for the lesson to begin, I spoke with several excited dancers and asked how often they come Sevilla to salsa, and the responses were extremely positive. Many come down to the club every Wednesday, and regulars have been salsa dancing at the club for years. I met a handful of first timers, as well, so I was glad to know I was not alone.


It was not long before we were instructed to move toward the dance floor and stand in two rows facing each other—women in one row and men in another. Erika and Vince stood in in the middle between us so we could easily see them demonstrate the steps. We started practicing the steps in our rows before being partnered off. The main purpose of the lesson was to master a series of basic steps first in order to combine them in intricate ways with a partner later on in the evening.

If you are worried about having two left feet, rest assured that I can vouch when it comes to this dance lesson, (opposed to my failed attempt at line dancing with the team here), salsa with Erika and Vince was surprisingly easy.


We learned a series of steps including a simple forward and back step, a side shuffle and, of course, a spin. A helpful secret to salsa dancing that Erika and Vince shared: “Women are always right.” Women will always begin on their right foot first while men will always begin with their left.

Once we practiced each step through, we were partnered off to put our skills to the test. Just when I thought I would be dancing with the same person for the remainder of the lesson, to my surprise, we switched partners every time we went through the routine, which I found was a great way to meet new people and learn helpful tips from other dancers.


I hesitantly explained to each one of my partners that this was my first time salsa dancing so I was definitely bound to mess up. They each mentioned the same thing. It was fine that I was new because men are to lead the dance so women need only follow. When the music started and we began to dance, it was easy to understand what my partners meant. My partners would guide me with subtle movements with their bodies that signaled what direction to move and when to move. And I was happy to know I could actually land a spin gracefully in heels.

As we all erupted in applause for a job well done, the lesson concluded with Erika and Vince taking the floor, performing the complete routine and encouraging us to record them so we can practice on our own anytime.


As their dance came to an end, the club became alive with a whole new energy as it transformed into an open dance floor where the lights dimmed low, the DJ began spinning Latin tunes, and even more guests arrived at the club to dance the remainder of the night away, including me.

The next time you are looking for a night out on the town, swing by Sevilla’s for a Salsa dance lesson or for some of these other weekly events:

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The Riverside Sevilla Nightclub is located at 3252 Mission Inn Ave in Downtown Riverside. For more information call (949) 374-1093 or visit their website.