Sara's Kitchen Adventures | Logan's Candies

By: Sara De Leeuw

Hi Adventurers! Happy February! It’s almost Valentine's Day and traditionally that means flowers, romance and plenty of chocolate. This year, to celebrate my love of all things sweet, I adventured to a small candy store located in Ontario.

This is Logan’s Candies, and they’ve been hand-making signature candy canes and gourmet chocolates for over 80 years!


When you first arrive at Logan’s, you’ll be transported back in time by the displays of nostalgic candy and rows and rows of glass jars, spilling over with old-fashioned and hard-to-find treats!


Current owner Jerry Rowley and his amazing staff are sincere, genuine and welcoming. While handmade candy canes are Logan’s claim to fame (they have the world's largest handmade candy cane hanging on the wall!), they’re also one of the few candy stores in California who hand make all their chocolates, nuts, chews, candy apples, ribbon candy and fudge on-site!

Utilizing the small kitchen in the back of the store and some of the same equipment and copper pots that have been there for nearly 40 years, this little store makes a huge impact.


As Jerry gave me a tour and we talked about candy and chocolate, we discovered we had several things in common. That’s one of the things I love most about small businesses and people who have been part of their community for years; they know everyone!


Most people go to Logan’s during the holidays to see their Candy Cane Making demonstrations and get samples of warm, candy cane pieces, hot off the assembly line, but they make candy canes year-round! These are the sweet treats they have lined up for Valentine’s Day!


I’m ashamed to admit, I’m probably the only person in the Inland Empire who hasn’t been to Logan’s before. I have no excuse either. I grew up in Upland, and I met my husband just a block away from Logan’s!

After meeting Jerry and feeling like family, I can't believe I’ve missed out on this local treasure for so many years. I mean, just look at all the sweet treats and specialty gifts they have in their store! It’s a Valentines Day Paradise!


You should absolutely schedule a trip and buy all your Valentine Candy Treats at Logan's! I will be!

After I left, I sent a text message to a friend that said, “I am in-love with this little store! I’m moving in and becoming Willy Wonka.” That's exactly how you feel when you're there! Even though this was my very first visit to Logan’s, it certainly won’t be my last!


Logan's Candies has been in Ontario since 1933. Visit Logan's Candies, 125 W. "B" St., Ontario, CA 91762. Store hours are Mondays through Fridays from 10a.m. to 6p.m. and Saturdays from 10a.m. to 5:30p.m. For more information call (909) 984-5410 or visit them at their website or on Facebook.