By: Sara De Leeuw

Hi Adventurers! This month, I was delighted to discover European International Market & Deli in Riverside, California. Since 2014, this cozy little deli, tucked away in a tiny strip mall, has been a haven for those searching for a taste of Eastern Europe.


During my visit, I met with Ben. He and his wife Bianca, who are originally from Romania, opened Euro Market & Deli in March of 2014. Ben says he couldn't think of a better way to bring a little European flare to Riverside than by opening a store stocked with all the things he and his wife remember and love from Europe!


Consequently, the deli carries a wide variety of imported deli meats, cheeses and charcuterie, imported chocolates from all over Europe, Romanian style skinless sausages and rustic breads with nice hard crusts. You’ll also find an abundant selection of Euro goodies from the finest mustard to German sauerkraut, Black Russian caviar and a wide selection of smoked fish!


Over the last six months, Ben and Bianca have started making Deli Sandwiches for their customers, with house-made soups and sides. All their sides are made fresh daily, using Bianca’s recipes. There is a no-mayo macaroni salad that’s very unique, along with an eggplant salad and their seasonal, fresh soups. Ben explained that European foods are often very simple, but they only use the best quality ingredients. There is a lot of love that goes into their recipes, and you can taste the love in the food they serve. There are small tables and chairs to sit and linger, or you can get your sandwiches (and other grocery items) to go.


With so much to choose from at the European International Market and Deli, I was overwhelmed with what to make for you! I decided to put together a sample platter of meats and cheeses. This way, when you go visit Ben, he can help you put together your personal list of favorites!


Ben let me sample everything! He patiently explained the name and origin of each of the salamis and the cheeses I tasted. There was a Spicy German salami, Hungarian salami, Russian fresh salami, serrano ham, Polish Smoked Ham, Hungarian Kaiser Bacon (fully cooked and ready-to-eat), hard Spanish Chorizo, a delicious Spanish Manchego cheese, Fontina, Dutch Gouda, a creamy Havarti with dill and my favorite an Apricot Cheddar Cheese that will blow you away! It’s so good! Ben did say the Apricot Cheese sells out very quickly (because it’s so good, that’s why!!), so be sure to call before going in, if you want to make sure it’s in stock!


If you’ve never had European foods or you are craving something from your last visit to Europe, stop in and see Ben and Bianca and get a taste of their famous sandwiches, then take home some special treats of your own for later!

For this meat and cheese platter, not only did I have the great items from Ben and the European International Market and Deli, I added sweet pickles, red globe grapes and cherry tomatoes to my deli platter. You can also add your favorite crackers and other fruits or nuts to compliment your own selections. Sit down, take time to savor the flavors of each item and just enjoy!

Where would you like to see me go next? I’m looking for great ideas for 2016, so share your favorite spots!