Discover the brand new Glo Mini Golf [Dedicated]

By: Megan McClain

Down below the food court and terrace of the Galleria at Tyler in Riverside, through the doors from the parking lot and down the stairs, there is a completely different world.

A blacklit world with an array of destinations, glow in the dark minature golf holes, the latest in video games and 3D glasses—welcome to GLO Mini Golf.



I got the chance to play a few holes with my eldest son and his friend the other day to help celebrate the beginning of another school year, starting first grade and kindergarten. They descended the stairs down to the course with giddy anticipation, out of the noonday light and into a dark world of color. It was, as my son said, "awesome."

The basement-level 15,000 foot space holds 27 miniature golf holes, an arcade, a room with seating for playing Xbox 360 games and two party rooms perfect for holding a birthday party or other event.



When I say we played a few holes, I mean that the boys had no real mini golf experience, and we were in danger of being lapped by the following group of teenagers (who were visably having a blast laughing at each other's skills in the dark) very quickly, so we skipped a few, only playing 18 of the 27 holes. Their favorite was the last one, a rotating globe flanked by images of Hollywood icons including Darth Vader.



The entire course has glowing elements, from the brickwork borders to the paintings on the wall. The holes and art reflect iconic landscapes and attractions of over two dozen countries.



The boys loved rocking the 3D glasses! They’re only $2 and bring a whole other level to the game, making the carpet shapes and art on the wall stand out. As an adult, I took them on and off, but playing in them constantly was too hard. They even work on pictures taken in the space—I showed my husband a photo later and the carpet still stood out with the glasses on my phone.

Speaking of difficulty, the darkness brings a whole new challenge to the game—I could tell my spatial awareness was slightly off in the dark, which made the holes a little more challenging—but really fun!

Planning a birthday party soon? This is a great idea for tweens and teens. The party packages start at $395 for 12 people and includes use of the party room, pizza, favors and a round of mini golf. They also offer a party package for the XBox 360 room, which includes gameplay and mini golf.



My son Alex was enamored of the gaming room, which holds ten consoles and currently has several titles to play, adding on as games are requested. There's also an arcade, with several machines and ticket prizes to be won.


Want to try it for yourself? Here's some tips for GLO Mini Golf:


  • If you're a parent dropping off kids, sure you could go shopping, but you can also put your feet up and chill in the lounge.


  • The ball and club glows, and you want to make sure to wear some clothes that will glow in the black light as well!



  • Download the Rockbot app to request songs during your round of golf. I’d make sure to download it beforehand since you need to make an account.


  • Give at least 1 ½ hours for gameplay—we might have finished in two if we had kept going.


  • Check out the display of totally affordable and worth it light up items before you play—from light up wigs to tiaras. 


GLO Mini Golf is at the Galleria at Tyler, outside the mall and below the upstairs dining terrace outside the food court. GLO Mini Golf is open Mondays through Thursdays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. A round of golf is $12, and XBox 360 gaming rental is $7 an hour. Check out GLO Mini Golf by visiting their website or call (888) 896-8419 for more information.


Full Disclosure: This article was sponsored by GLO Mini Golf, however all opinions are 100% our own.