SoCal Families | John's Incredible Pizza

By: Jamie Durante



Sometimes it’s necessary to be creative when it comes to keeping cool and still having fun in the Inland Empire. Whether we’re cooling down at a local water park or staying cool indoors at a nearby aviation museum, we pride ourselves in sharing only the best times the IE has to offer you and your family. That’s why we’re really excited to share one of our new, favorite indoor family-fun locations—John’s Incredible Pizza in Montclair.

John’s Incredible Pizza is a one-stop destination that includes a creative and fresh buffet, an arcade, rides, games and prizes. On a recent trip to this family fun center, we found so many unique reasons to enjoy John’s with the whole family.




The first thing we noticed when we pulled up to this location was the huge building that was painted various colors of the rainbow. The parking lot was busy, as it was the weekend, but that didn’t deter us one bit. This place seemed big enough to accommodate a crowd.

Walking in, we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we were able to check-in. We received our admission along with fun cards to use towards rides and games. First order of business was to choose one of the themed rooms to enjoy some great eats. With rooms like Hall of Fame, Toon Time, Cabin Fever and more, we left it up to the little ones to choose, and we were not surprised we ended up in the cartoon-inspired seating area, Toon Time.

Next order of business was checking out the buffet. Hands down, John’s Incredible Pizza is our favorite buffet. Having the essentials like a fresh salad bar and entrees from chicken to soup and pasta, keep in mind that if you’re going to John’s, you really have to take a trip to their pizza selection. Serving unique pizzas like Alfredo, Chili Cheese and Nacho Jalapeno, John’s creates pizzas that can’t be found anywhere else.





In addition to amazing all-you-can-eat pizza, their Dessert station does not disappoint with soft serve ice cream and its signature deep-fried doughnuts. This was definitely one of the stations we went back to for seconds. For grown-ups, there is also the option to purchase beer and wine. We didn’t partake on our particular visit, but we figured it was still worth the mention.





Once we filled our bellies to max capacity, the kids were quick to dart off to the Fun World, with us chasing closely behind. With over 100 games, rides and attractions, we knew we’d have to move quickly if we wanted to get in a fraction of the excitement this location has to offer. First order of business in Fun World was hitting up the most dramatic looking rides. This started with the Kiddie Convoy, Frog Hopper, Twister and Boogie Bump go-karts.

In addition, they have Thunder Alley bowling, Lazer Maze, Glow Golf and Kiddie Land, which is ideal for toddlers. We spent a little time at each attraction, and eventually we decided we were going to try and win some tickets with the huge selection of games. Some of our favorite were the classic games like Skee Ball and countless arcade games, and us “big kids” took turns between watching the kids and playing “Make a Deal.”







After what seemed like hours and hours, we finally ran out of tickets, and it was time to trade them in for some prizes at the Prize Counter. Children and adults of all ages will find something interesting at the Prize Counter. From lava lamps and dolls to  to small bouncy balls and slinkys, it doesn’t matter how many tickets you did or didn’t earn, everyone gets to go home a winner.

Overall, our experience at John’s Incredible Pizza in Montclair was top-notch fun. It had everything we needed under one roof to have a full day’s experience, and best yet it gave the kids a great place to burn off some energy while having a blast. All that’s left is to try out their location in Riverside!


John’s Incredible Pizza is located at 5280 Arrow Highway in Montclair. Their hours are from Sunday through Thursday from 10a.m. to 10p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10a.m. to 11p.m. For more information call (909) 447-7777 or visit their website at


Full Disclosure: John’s Incredible Pizza provided us with complimentary admission and fun cards, however opinions are 100% our own.