SoCal Families | Kids Rock Free School of Music

By: Jamie Solis


Music is one thread of our social fabric that connects all people of the world. It doesn’t matter a person’s language, spiritual beliefs or age, music speaks to the soul, and it has the power to evoke emotional and personal feelings to those who really listen.

As parents, teachers and guardians, we want to do the best for our children—and we’d like them to have a decent education, both in and outside of the classroom. Sometimes you have to be resourceful, which brought us to the Kids Rock Free School of Music in Corona. A program started by Fender Center for the Performing Arts, which is also located in Corona, this musical school holds various programs for the children including drums, bass guitar, piano and voice lessons, as well as band development, student showcases, performances and more.


We were invited to drop-in for a Musical Kids class at Kids Rock Free School of Music, which was designed for children ages three to six. The school recently expanded into Corona’s Historic Civic Center, in the charming old high school building sitting behind thick grass and huge trees, which reveal the area’s history. We walked in, and we instantly made our way up the stairs and to the left. We then found ourselves on a floor that seemed almost exclusively dedicated to the Kids Rock Free School of Music.


We made our way down the short hallway to the room our Musical Class was to be held. As the first ones there, the friendly instructor named Andrea was busy taping music notes and symbols to the ground. From the teacher’s enthusiasm and awesome personality, I instantly knew the next 45 minutes of my life was going to be full of energy, happy faces and of course, music! There was a bass note, staff and sharp so far, and it appeared like she was working on the flat. She was excited to have us there, and since my daughter was under the age for the class, we quickly decided it would be best for my baby to sit on my lap and follow along, much like the little siblings do of the older kids who are in the class.

Once the small group of children arrived, excited to learn and play, Andrea began leading them in song and dance with familiar songs playing through the speakers. Quickly this energetic bunch was getting their wiggles out to animated songs, as they followed the teacher’s every move and direction. Once the music concluded, the kids sat criss-cross-applesauce and were instantly curious about the music notes on the floor. Starting with the staff, which was front and center, Andrea explained its name, purpose in music, as well as counting out the number of spaces and lines it contained. The kids were hooked! She continued on to the bass clef, treble clef, sharp and flat, giving them further details about each symbol like that the bass clef is for low tones. Soon, the demonstration turned into a game, in which all the kids quickly got to their feet.


The children would run to and stand on a symbol of their choice. Then, Andrea would come around and ask them what they were standing on. At first, each child took a moment to recall the specifics, but after a minute, they were really starting to get it! My favorite part was when the little three and four-year-olds would remember the staff had four spaces and five lines! Andrea was definitely engaging the class in learning and fun. Class continued on with many more ways to involve children in music. They were making beats with sticks, dancing with scarves, running, moving, wiggling and singing. With all the energy, excitement, music and laughter that filled the room, time passed quickly.

We ended our experience with a genuine appreciation for the Fender Center of Performing Arts and the many interactive, educational music experiences they offer children of the community. They have many low cost music programs that can only promise to be a rewarding musical experience. Children and teens love music, so check out the awesome opportunities that await them at Kids Rock Free School of Music in Corona. I know that I will personally be back to sign my child up for Musical Kids in a couple years when she is the appropriate age.