SoCal Families | 7 Things To Do This Week 10/19-10/23/2015

If there is one thing we’re looking forward to this week, it is the forecasted drop in temperature. Our excitement comes from the simple truth that cool breezes can only mean one thing—it’s time to spend your days outside.

Visit a local park; it’s good for the body, the mind and the soul. These highly recommended public parks will have you and your children remembering the joys of spending time outdoors without melting. Just remember, curfew is when the streetlights come on!



10/19, Park in Redlands – Visit Ford Park in Redlands. This picturesque location is welcoming with a canopy of greenery surrounding a blue lake. Ford Park is recommended as being a cleaner and safer park in Redlands with picnic tables, a playground, dog-park, tennis courts and more. Bring your sports equipment, because the fields here are no joke.   


10/20, Park in Riverside – Visit Andulka Park in Riverside. With two playgrounds, one for younger kids and another for older children, this park is a lot of fun for everyone! For the athletic types, there are tennis courts, baseball courts, volleyball courts and a soccer field! There’s plenty of open space for those looking to work out, or you can relax in a shady spot with a picnic lunch.



10/21, Park in Corona – Visit Mountain Gate Park in Corona. Although we visit Mountain Gate Park for its playground, this outdoor destination in Corona has even more to offer the public. Covered picnic tables serve as the ideal location to enjoy a snack from home. There are also baseball fields, a basketball court, a jogging course and tennis courts.



10/22, Park in Fontana – Visit Fontana Park in Fontana. This beautiful park has a unique playground that lacks swings and your usual park structures. However, oversized bugs, a pirate ship and other imaginative features mark this IE attraction as one-of-a-kind.

10/22, Big Bear Park – Visit Meadow Park on Big Bear Lake. Meadow Park is breathtakingly gorgeous, as it is located on the water. This means you can watch boats sail by and feed ducks, all while taking advantage of the shaded picnic tables, tennis courts, horseshoe pits and more.



10/23, Park in Upland – Visit McCarthy Park in Upland. From the little playhouses, swings and jungle gyms to the workout area and misters, this park really has it all. Hang out on the picnic tables under the gazebo (given it isn’t booked for a private party!), or grab a seat in the green grass while breathing in the fresh air.

10/23, Park in Temecula – Visit Harveston Lake Park in Temecula. This might be one of the IE’s most gorgeous parks. Plan a daytrip to this scenic lake. Although you might come for the water, you’ll stay for the children’s play area and park accommodations that will make you feel at home, even in the great outdoors.


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