SoCal Families | 7 Things To Do This Week 12/21-12/25/2015 

Christmas is almost here! The kids are staying home from school, adults are staying home from work, and aside from last-minute Christmas shopping, you need to keep entertained this week. Take our advice, and celebrate Christmas every day this week with the fun, holiday activities below. Merry Christmas, everyone!



12/21, Baking – Bake Gingerbread Cookies at home with your family and friends using our recipe from Sara’s Kitchen Adventures. This adorable and organic recipe will warm the house and fill it with the spicy scent of fresh gingerbread. Choose to make gingerbread people, or be extra adventurous, and attempt to construct a gingerbread house. Best of luck!



12/22, Christmas Craft – Make a DIY Gift Bag Craft using our easy crafting instructions. There is no better way to personalize a gift than by making your own giftwrap. This easy DIY craft is fun for gift-givers of all ages.


There’s still time to get your picture taken with Santa…READ



12/23, Christmas Movie – Pop some popcorn at home, and cuddle up with one of our favorite Christmas movies! Out of the list of 12 must-see Christmas movies we compiled, you can either stream many of these on Netflix, catch them on cable, dig them out of the closet, or find them on sale at a local retailer. It doesn’t matter how you get your hands on these movies, just be sure to enjoy it with someone you love.



12/24, TheaterHoliday Follies at Tibbie’s Center Stage Fontana at 7p.m. Show-only tickets are $20, see website for dinner and show menu with pricing. This show has been a holiday favorite in the Inland Empire for 15 years. Evoke some true holiday spirit into your Christmas Eve will this wonderful song and dance performance.

12/24, Holiday Lights – See Christmas lights at one of our favorite Inland Empire destinations. If you or the children in your life haven’t seen impressive holiday lights, then look no further than our list of four awesome places to see Christmas lights. This magical experience will throw even the grumpiest Scrooge into the spirit of Christmas.



12/25, Movies – See a movie coming out on Christmas at a local theater. Everyone knows that some of the hottest movies of the season come out on Christmas. While everyone is busy trying to secure a ticket to Star Wars, see one of the other new movies that actually debut on Christmas.

12/25, Give Back – Donate to a local charity or non-profit organization featured in our “12 Days of Giving.” We’ve been busy this month bringing you 12 different organizations in the Inland Empire that are altruistic year-round. Set an admirable example for the children by choosing to give back on Christmas,  instead of just receiving gifts. 


Have you made your plans for the New Year?