SoCal Families | Amy's Farm Pumpkin Patch

By: Jamie Durante

If there is one tradition I look forward to throughout the year, it is visiting the pumpkin patch with my family. That is why my recent trip to Amy’s Farm Pumpkin Patch in Ontario is already one of my favorite season’s top highlights.


Eager to get a head start on the Halloween season, my daughter and I made our way to Amy’s Farm on the first day the pumpkin patch opened. As we approached the farm and pumpkin patch, we were greeted by friendly cows living on small, family farms. I instantly felt like I was in my element; living on a farm one day with chickens, a garden and open, green space is a dream I hold onto.

On the north side of the street, I saw pumpkins sitting atop a wooden gate with a sign, and I knew we had arrived at Amy’s Farm. We pulled into the farm and drove down the dirt road toward the parking area. There were animals lining both sides of the road, welcoming us to our first pumpkin patch adventure for 2015.


It was the middle of the day, so it was hot. This meant that we essentially had the farm to ourselves. While tours require a reservation, I have a young, energetic toddler, so I knew visiting without a tour would prove more successful. My kid loves to run!


When we got out of the car, my daughter instantly bolted toward the pigs. Some of these plump, mellow creatures were just snorting in the sticky brown mud, soaking up the sun. Three others were wrestling around in the dirt, kicking up a mini sand storm.


I was determined to get a picture of my daughter with the pumpkins while taking advantage of the cute photo opps they have set up, so I gently led her to the hay encircling that is Amy’s Farm Pumpkin Patch. All the pumpkins in this circle were only $3 a piece on the day we visited, and this ranged from small pumpkins my daughter could carry, to medium sized pumpkins that were a little too heavy for her to maneuver, although you better believe that she tried!


After she picked her sweet little orange pumpkin, I knew that I wanted something I could carve. I went to the row of larger pumpkins, where each price was listed on the bottom of the pumpkin. I chose a large sized, dark orange pumpkin that was smooth on almost all sides—that’s the perfect carving pumpkin. I turned it over, and it was only $10 . . . I considered it sold!


We put our pumpkins to the side, because my toddler had now discovered the cage of friendly goats . . . and when I say friendly, I mean extremely sweet and affectionate animals. These little goats were sticking their heads as far out of the cage as they could in order to get a little cuddle and pet.

We have dogs, so my daughter is accustomed to being gentle with animals. She gently petted their heads and pointed out their “ears,” “eyes,” “noses” and “heads.” At one point she puckered up and leaned in for a kiss, and the goat complied. I’m not saying I encouraged this, but it was kind of sweet once it was over.


We continued to run around and explore the different animals that live at Amy’s Farm. It was a hot day, and it was only getting hotter, so we decided after about an hour to go visit the farm stand and purchase our pumpkins.


The farm stand is very unique in that it is self-serve. They offer a wide variety of products from fresh produce to soaps, free-range pork and more. It smells so fresh and beautiful in there, and with the air conditioning blasting, we took a little extra time checking out everything the store had to offer.


We paid for our pumpkins with cash, however they do accept credit and debit as well, and we set out to head back home. We carried our pumpkins one by one to the car, and we assured the goats we would be back soon! If you're looking for more local pumpkin patches, check out our Inland Empire Pumpkin Patches Guide!

Amy’s Farm Pumpkin Patch is open Monday through Saturday from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Tours of the farm are available. Contact to make a reservation. If you plan on visiting and are not going on a guided tour, it’s best to visit after 1p.m. on Monday through Friday.


Amy’s Farm is located at 7698 Eucalyptus Avenue in Ontario, California. Please call (844) 426-9732 or visit their website for more information.