SoCal Families | Eight Great & Screen-Free Rainy Day Activities


When a rainy day means staying indoors, it’s no secret that children and adults can get a little stir crazy. Here are eight ways to have fun indoors completely unplugged—no screens required.


Have a Read-a-thon

Grab some blankets, throw on PJs, and grab a huge stack of books. Read together, take turns reading to each other, and have a lazy day in with some of your favorite stories.


Bake Cookies

Not only is this activity fun and screen-free, but it is also utterly delicious! Show the children in your life that not everything has to come pre-packaged . . . in fact, cookies are always better when they’re made from scratch.


Build a Fort

There’s something about building a fort that really gets kids excited. Whether you’re building a fort and securing the perimeter or pretending that you’re camping indoors, an easy fort is always a rainy day-must.


Get Crafty

There are tons of easy and fun crafts that you can do with kids. A lot of times, you can create something impressive using just the materials you have at home. Make a personalized journal or find another fun DIY project here!


Host a Talent Show

Whether your family chooses to choreograph a routine, split sides with stand-up comedy, sing a power ballad or play an instrument, you’re sure to discover some of those hidden talents!


Have a Tea Party

Put on your fancy threads, and don’t forget a beautiful hat! Brew some warm tea, and assemble delicious little finger sandwiches. A prim and proper tea party is the perfect way to play pretend while enjoying real goodies.


Treasure Hunt & Map

This interactive activity will get the little ones excited, and it requires very little prep. Make a treasure map that resembles your house, but cooler. Then, hide clues around the house that will ultimately lead little pirates to a bounty of treasure. We recommend candy bars for the treasure!



 Pull out the coloring books, crayons, construction paper, markers . . . and make something you can hang on the fridge. Be sure to join in on the fun with the little ones. It’s been proven that coloring is good for minds, young and old.


What does your family do indoors on rainy days? Share your suggestions for fun in the comments below!