SoCal Families | Squeaky Clean Comedy

By: Natalie Bates

Looking for a fun, end-of-the-week family outing that your teenagers will actually want to attend? Then check out the family-friendly stand-up comedy show, Squeaky Clean Comedy, presented by Mel Austin at the Ontario Mills Dave and Buster’s!


Squeaky Clean Comedy was created so people could enjoy watching live stand-up comedy without getting offended. You won’t find any foul language, lewd or otherwise derogatory topics here—just good, clean fun. These comedians were clever and entertaining, all the while keeping the jokes clean enough you would feel comfortable bringing your mother or children to the show. In fact the jokes were so clean and good-humored, they were even appropriate to enjoy with a church group, as evidenced by the fact that a pastor was celebrating his birthday with his parish at the show the evening I was there.

However, the fact that the comedy is kept clean doesn’t make it any less funny for adults. The audience was mostly adults the night I attended a show, and we were all rolling on the floor with laughter. So this event is most definitely not just for adults—teens ages 16 and over will also have a blast at Squeaky Clean Comedy!


Squeaky Clean Comedy is hosted by Mel Austin, and the evening I attended featured comedians John Hill, Six Foota Slimm and Ernie G. These four men kept the laughs coming all night long, each bringing a distinct comedic flavor to the table. The variety of jokes at this show was far more diverse than I was used to seeing at stand-up comedy shows, and it was an unexpected (but much welcomed) surprise. It may have been the first comedy show I have seen where I didn’t have to spend half the night cringing at the crudeness of the jokes.

Austin and his fellow comedians strive to bring clean, good-natured fun to their audiences, and they pull it off fantastically! Squeaky Clean Comedy aims to use laughter as a tool to promote healthier minds and bodies, in addition to boosting the confidence and alleviating the stress of audience members. Stand-up comedy isn’t typically viewed as a family-friendly activity, but somehow, the Squeaky Clean Comedy team makes it possible. So, if you are looking for a way to unwind and spend a Friday night with your family that the parents will enjoy just as much as the teenagers ages 16 and over, then Squeaky Clean Comedy at Dave and Buster’s is an excellent choice!


Squeaky Clean Comedy recently moved to its new home at Dave and Buster’s from its former residency at The Improv to promote the family-friendly atmosphere of their shows. The full restaurant menu (as well as the bar, for the adults in the audience) is available before and during the show, and the food is delicious! No minimum purchase is required. In addition, Dave and Buster’s remains open as usual, so between hilarious comedy, tasty food, and tons of games to play, you have the makings for a fun night out for the whole family!

Tickets for upcoming shows can be purchased online, and I would highly recommend buying your tickets in advance, as well as showing up early for the show. The night I attended Squeaky Clean Comedy, they reached capacity and had to turn people away at the door. They also ran out of seats at tables and had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate all the ticket holders. So, this is one event for which you definitely do not want to wait till the last minute! Get there early, order some food, and enjoy the music played by the house DJ, who played everything from classic rock and R&B, to modern pop hits.

Information on upcoming show dates, as well as links to purchase tickets, can be obtained through their or through Dave and Buster’s directly. Their next show at Dave and Buster’s will be on Friday, September 11. Squeaky Clean Comedy will also be hosting a comedy cruise in October through Carnival Cruises, information for which can also be found at


Dave and Buster’s Ontario Mills is located at 4821 Mills Circle in Ontario. For more information visit their website or call (909) 987-1557.