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American English Institute

 (AEI) is the educational resource for Inland SoCal residents who are looking to improve their English language skills in order to reach longterm educational and professional goals. Located in Riverside, the heart of Inland Empire, AEI serves local residents and international students with its various programs and services. From offering a variety of test preparation programs to its popular English programs, AEI holds many unique qualities of individual attention and engagement that guarantee each student’s success. Founder Sandra Adams has made it her personal mission to ensure each student that walks through the doors at AEI leaves with not only improved English skills, but they leave with a better life experience overall.

This school is unique to the area, offering students in the Inland Empire programs and services that meet their various needs. At AEI, students find the individual attention they need from writing and structuring essays to preparing for admission tests. Whether a student is looking to become a veterinarian, nurse, pharmacist or more, AEI has the academic solution, which offers one-on-one test preparation they have been in search of in order to meet their career aspirations.

Many students who come to AEI need to prepare for the iTEP, which is the English proficiency test many students take to gain admission to colleges and universities. Since AEI is a Certified iTEP Test Center, students young and old are able to excel in AEI’s test preparation and other academic preparation classes that are offered. As the most popular program at American English Institute, the Intensive English Program offers structured learning and ongoing support that assures a positive learning experience.


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International and local students who are in search of English language assistance with reading, writing, grammar and speaking and listening will also find superb classes at American English Institute. Many students from local schools like Cal Baptist University, Riverside Community College, Moreno Valley College, local high schools and more come to AEI. As a distinguished Institution of learning, American English Institute is famed for two programs in particular, The Adventures in English Program and the Intensive English Program. AEI also has Custom Designed Programs for large groups of professionals or students, and evening classes are made available for the convenience of working adults.

It is an understatement to say that the Intensive English classes at AEI gives each student individual attention—with an average class size of five students, teachers are able to flourish in serving their pupils with constant personalized instruction and feedback. When a class size is so small and personal, students aren’t able to hide in class. Instead, students are given the opportunity to speak up each day, and they get their teacher’s full attention constantly, which is the support they need if they want to confidently use their English skills on a daily basis.

Since each student is going to have different needs, an intimate atmosphere like AEI allows students to participate and communicate consistently. Director Sandra Adams shared with us how this environment leads to an overall satisfying and successful experience, “The classes are academic in nature and are designed to prepare students for admission to colleges and universities, but they also help them to advance personally and professionally.  Often students are just concerned about speaking and listening. However, they need to improve all skills to be effective in English.” Not only does a small class size guarantee learning, it guarantees a bond and friendship between students and faculty. 

Many of the exclusive services offered at AEI continue with the institute’s mission to improve each student’s quality of life, while allowing international students to immerse themselves in American culture. American Homestay is one service offered by AEI. This service offers international students the most authentic English-learning experience as an American family opens up their home. AEI places students with families to ensure their learning continues beyond the classroom. Fully engulfed in American culture, students who take advantage of the American Homestay service realize great success. Other great services include Housing, Airport Pick-Up, as well as lots of fun Extracurricular Activities. 

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A diverse array of students from local communities, as well as international countries choose AEI for their English language studies. Students from Brazil, China, Iran, Italy, Japan, Libya, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain and more have found a home away from home at AEI. American English Institute welcomes all students, including those who are on a tourist visa, business visa (B1/B2) or F2 visa. Countless international students have found great success due to AEI’s exclusive programs. One enthusiastic student named Nathalli expressed, "I came here to study English, because I want to be a teacher in Japan. So I think my experience here is good for me when I become a teacher, because the grammar class is very good. The teachers are very friendly, and I can make a lot of friends. It’s fun!” Current students Khaireddin and JaeYoung also expressed their gratitude for the ESL programs, and they would recommend them to other students who are looking to study English. 

Enrollment is growing at American English Institute, because it is the only English school that consistently guarantees each student is recognized. Many larger English language programs treat students as just another number. With such specialized individual attention and an array of valuable classes that aren’t available elsewhere, American English Institute in Riverside is the English solution for your academic and professional future. Visit their website at www.american-english-institute.com or give them a call at (951) 824-6150 for more information.