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Say yes to second hand at Deseret Industries' new location in Fontana. You may have recently read about our DIY craft Gold Foil embellished tote bag, made from our find at Deseret Industries.

We found more goodies and just had to share! As soon as you walk into Deseret Industries, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how everything is so organized for a second hand store. You know what we're talking about. You walk into some stores or thrift shops, and the racks are overflowing, and clothes are all strewn about. This is definitely not the case at Deseret Industries. In addition to the organized racks and shelves, you'll notice the numerous store employees picking up, reshelving, reorgnazing and helping answer questions. It's like nothing we've ever experienced at a second hand store, and even some major retailers.

Next best thing about this organized and clean store are the prices are variety of items. Here are three outfits, for three different occasions we found while hunting through the racks. Can't believe how amazingly affordable these outfits are - not just one piece or pieces—an ENTIRE OUTFIT!

Check out the pics and let us know what you think. Have you found something great at Deseret Industries? Share it with us by tagging #ieshineon or leave us a comment below.



Bag $3, Jeans $8, T-shirt $3, Sandals $4



Dress $10, Necklace & earrings $10, Shoes $14



Tank $3, Pants $6, Shoes $8


Full Disclosure: This article was sponsored by Deseret Industries, but opinions are 100% our own.