Let's Brunch

By: Krystal, Nectar Clothing


As the weather starts to warm up and the birds begin to chirp, the opportunities for weekend brunching begin to evolve. Who wouldn't want to wake up late, stroll the streets, and enjoy a lovely meal in the early afternoon? Exactly. When it comes to brunch, the only thing more important than the meal itself is the clothes you wear—obvi. You may be asking, "What does one even wear to brunch?" Well, I'm here to help you out on this ever so complicated outfit dilemma.

The great thing about brunch is that it is perfectly timed—not too early to where you're running out the door at 8a.m. and don't have any time to choose an outfit. It's usually somewhere between noon and two. This allows you to have enough time to choose an outfit that perfectly suits the weather, the brunch destination, and most importantly, you. Although it is easy to resort to a simple jean and tee outfit, brunch is a time to dress up and feel cuter than you usually do! I have styled a few outfits to inspire you to brunch, Nectar style.





If you want simple, but still cute, this is the outfit for you! Our Bali Bazaar dress is a 3/4 length sleeve dress with floral print. The colorful print allows you to match with plenty of different pieces. I styled this dress with our beige Lasting Gaze heels. The heels dress the outfit up a little more and add to the feminine look.




For this outfit, I styled a pair of white boyfriend jeans with a simple top and colorful patterned kimono. The kimono is definitely the staple piece of this outfit, so I tried to revolve the rest of the pieces around it. The cognac belt and boots really compliment the colors on the kimono, as well as the white on the pants. I added a neutral colored bag and gold jewelry to complete this chic look.




This outfit is definitely the outfit I would choose to brunch in! It is a style that we're not normally used to, and it works so well! Who would have thought to layer a poncho sweater over a tiered dress? Well, I did . . . And it's so adorably perfect. I added a pair of black pointed flats and a fedora to make this girly look a little bit edgier.

So, my advice is to take advantage of this wonderful time of day and excuse to dress up. You don't get many of those! Now that I've helped with your whole outfit dilemma, on to the next dilemma . . . Waffles or Pancakes? Ugh, life is so hard sometimes! Happy brunching, loves.

XO Krystal