By: Krystal, Nectar Clothing

As hotter weather approaches, we all know the craving to wear free flowing clothes increases. A problem I always seem to encounter when searching for the perfect sunny day outfit is finding proper under-attire that will keep me covered up in all the right places! Most of the items I want to wear all happen to be backless, low-cut, or just plain strange fitting, which is why I chose to adopt bandeaus and bralettes into my under-attire collection. These items have been trending for quite some time now and are known to be every girl's savior when it comes to the struggle of odd fitting clothes.

Working in retail for four years, I've continuously watched women grab a cute shirt, fully observe it, then put it back down because of the revealing design of the top. I'm here to tell you that you don't have to put that top down anymore, sista! Bralettes and bandeaus act as perfect little additions to any outfit that requires a little cover up.

There are many different types of bralettes and bandeaus, I chose some of my favorites to write about—and they all happen to be lacey. Lacey is the new black after all, isn't it?


The first style of bandeau I want to talk about is this flower lace bandeau. This piece is a twist on a normal solid bandeau and can be styled with any low-cut top to cover up that unwanted cleavage. The delicate detail of this bandeau adds a romantic feel to any outfit. A lace bandeau is definitely a closet essential . . . Trust me, I have one in every color. And they're inexpensive! These ones specifically are $6.99 each.

This lace bralette an absolute favorite of all the Nectar girls. It has so much lace detail and fabric that this bralette could be worn both as an under garment or by itself as a crop-top with a pair of high waisted shorts. This bralette's stretch knit fabric allows for the perfect amount of breathing room. To add to the comfortability factor of this bralette, it has straps for added support. This piece will be your go-to underwear this season, I promise! This bralette retails at $18.99, and it is worth every penny.

Whether it be the razor back cut or the floral lace detail, this next bralette is one of our best sellers! There is so much to love about this bralette, I had to include it as one of my absolute favorites. This beautiful undergarment features an elastic band and a razorback design to allow for more support and help you find your most comfortable fit. Wear it under your favorite sheer blouse to add a bit of femme detail to your outfit. This style of bralettes range from $14.99-18.99 at Nectar Clothing.

So whether you're looking to cover up some revealing skin or spice up your outfit with something unique, these bralettes and bandeaus will do just the trick! Wear them under your favorite backless dress or that sheer blouse you've been hiding in your closet. This piece will surely become one of your everyday essentials. But remember to go lacey, or go home! ;)

XO Krystal