Hats On For Summer!

By: Krystal, Nectar Clothing

Summer is now in full swing, and boy are we feeling it! Priorities shift from basking in the semi-bearable sun heat to finding any sort of shade to hide under for a few minutes. Although going outdoors may seem like a daunting task, we're here to help you do it with style and grace. This summer, we've been huge fans of the ever so popular hat fad. Hats are a great way to add to any outfit as well as keep cool during those warm summer days. We've heard many sides of the hat craze—most of which result in women being hesitant to attempt such a trendy piece.




Hat wearing is not actually as intimidating as it would seem. Once you've been familiarized with pieces that can be styled with hats, you'll want to add one to each of your everyday outfits! We've put together an assortment of outfits to show you that wearing hats can be the greatest thing you do all summer.



When revolving an outfit around a hat, you want to make sure patterns and colors are not going to clash. For this first outfit, we styled a patterned romper with a dark grey colored panama hat. Because the hat is a solid color and does not have too much detail, we were able to combine it with more of a fun piece to make the outfit stand out. This outfit is available at nectarclothing.com.



Hats are also the perfect addition to any boyfriend jean look. We styled a brown straw panama hat with an off the shoulder top and a pair of white boyfriend jeans. This look can be easily attained for a Friday night out with friends.



To keep it on the more casual side, we styled a hat with a graphic tee and blue jean shorts. Hats don't always have to make a statement, so putting them with a graphic tee can easily allow you to dress it down a bit. Find these items online at nectarclothing.com.




Hats are an effortless way to make you feel more stylish and keep your outfits looking complete. Next time you're shopping and you come across a hat, think twice about it because you can most likely rock it just as well as those vogue bloggers you see on Instagram. Still worried your wardrobe is missing some casual summer looks? Check out our tips to make your summer time fine!