By: Tricia Kelly, Nectar Clothing


At Nectar, we get so excited to hear what the color of the year is going to be! With each New Year brings Pantone’s announcement of  the “Color of the Year.” This is a color in their company’s color palette that they are predicting to be the “it” hue for the oncoming year. This color is being predicted to be dominant in not only fashion, but also graphic design, interior design and at the tiptop of every person’s personal or professional color palette for the year. This is big stuff people!

Last year, I felt a little let down and skeptical when Pantone announced the color of 2014 to be Radiant Orchid, a whimsical purple and lavender hue. I mean, I get why they chose it, with all those pop colors showing up everywhere mixed with all the popularity of whimsical themes in pop culture—but I waited to see that color come to fruition in the fashion world all year, and I am still claiming that color was a miss by the Pantone company. I have read up on the Pantone color choice, and nowhere will you find the company admitting to any misses. However, I feel most years they near nail it. I was crossing my fingers for this year’s announcement to go along with my fashion gut and . . . (drum roll please), on Dec. 4th, Pantone announced the color of the year for 2015—Marsala.

I quickly found photos of this color, and my fashion gut was screaming, “Yessssss!” We love this year’s color. The Pantone company describes the color as, “A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.” The Executive Director of the Pantone company describes the announced color as, “A hearty, yet stylish tone that is universally appealing, and translates easily into fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.” We decided to take some fashion pics of the way we are doing Marsala this month. We just can’t wait to play with this color all year.


I find it so interesting to snoop into the lives of those with dream jobs, I just have to tell you how this Color of the Year is chosen. A team or committee is selected to travel to all the most influential places in the world for the design. This Committee of lucky little influencers travels to London, Paris, Milan, and a lot of other major cities as well as events, such as fashion week, simply to observe color trends. They look at colors on the street, film design, car colors and any other evidence of trending color in design. Then they all meet up and discuss what they are feeling to present as the Color of the Year. If the color isn’t available quite yet in the Pantone library, well then, they make it available in the Pantone library. Seems like a pretty awesome job, right?


Many similar rich tones to this year’s color showed up at Nectar for fall, and we had been so in love with them that we wanted some to stay! So Marsala fits the bill. There is that burgundy pop color of lipstick that will obviously be popular all the way through spring and summer, so not only is this color loveable, but its also doable with almost any outfit. I am honestly shocked (in a good way) that they chose this color, because everything looks like it will be so whited out for spring and summer in the world of fashion. Spring tones are extremely light and airy this year, so Marsala is THE PERFECT pop of color this spring and summer needed! I can see it easily transitioning into the entire year.


Happy New Year everyone!  

XO Tricia Kelly