By: Krystal, Nectar Clothing


While staring at my closet contemplating what kind of fancy, over-the-top, sexy outfit I would wear on Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but reconsider my motives. As women, it’s almost as if we were given this innate ability to dress to impress. We commonly choose outfits according to events we’re attending, people we’re seeing, and of course, how comfy we want to be. Even though the majority of time I choose to dress for myself, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that motivates me to want to look good for my guy.

When deciding on an outfit for V-Day, a couple thoughts came to mind. Does my man even care about how the buttons on my cardigan match the color of my cognac braided belt? Does he have any clue how long it took me to find the right pair of heels to compliment my lace-trimmed backless dress? In my quest for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit, I needed to figure out which outfits would have my man wanting to post pics of me on his insta all night. What better ways to get the inside scoop other than asking men about their opinions on women’s fashion? I took it to the streets of Redlands, Orange and Claremont to get the 411 on what kinds of things men like to see their boo thang in, as well as what kinds of styles are just straight-up game enders.

Turns out, men are more opinionated on women’s fashion than we thought they were. In a survey of about fifty men, we asked specifics on items they absolutely LOVE, and most simply answered with “a sun dress.” My thoughts immediately flooded through my voice, “Just a sun dress?! What about the cardi? How about a nice pair of cork wedge sandals?” Most of the feedback I received was pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, high waisted anything and boyfriend jeans are no-go’s while according to one man, “rings and bracelets are highly underrated.” As women, we tend to feel like our outfits need to be more on the detailed side while men, on the other hand, are creatures of simplicity. Just throw on a sundress and a pair of stud earrings and boom! You just gained the fashion approval of 80 percent of the male population. I put together simple, yet incredibly adorable date night outfits just to show you how easy this look can be achieved.

The first outfit is a pretty little sundress with a fun baroque, floral pattern. I styled this dress with a pair of white flats to add to the feminine, cute-sy vibe. This outfit would be perfect for a fun picnic in the park or a romantic ice cream trip to the nearest A La Minute artisan ice cream parlor.

This next outfit is a simple ¾ sleeve black crop top styled with blue jean shorts. Because the clothing items in this outfit are pretty plain, I added a layered necklace and gold bracelets to give it a classier look. The pointed flats also add to the sophisticated feel. An outfit such as this would be your best bet for going out to sushi then catching a flick at the local Krikorian afterward.

The last outfit I chose was inspired by a response from one man in specific. He said, “I do enjoy going out to fancy dinners and such, but when a woman looks ready for an adventure, or to jump on the back of my motorcycle, I think that’s super attractive.” This outfit is cute yet versatile enough to be an outfit ready for adventure. This outfit is ideal for any occasion—from walking alongside the water of Newport to endless rounds of miniature golf at Fiesta Village; you’d be able to do it all. A lightweight flannel with a pair of white jeans, a black belt, and black sandals make for a go-to adventure time outfit—just be careful where you sit!  

These results prove that we don’t have to be sitting uncomfortably in our skin tight dresses and platform heels at dinner to make our men happy. We don’t have to add on those extra accessories to make up for that self-conscious feeling of being too “underdressed.” Because even though men do have a preference in style, when it comes down to it, they are going to notice the way you look in the outfit—not the way the outfit looks on you. So remember to keep it simple and sweet. Sweet as Nectar, that is <3

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XOXO Krystal