By: Krystal, Nectar Clothing

Finding a perfect Halloween costume is equivalent to finding that perfect prom dress. You don't want to overdo it, but you still want to "wow" the crowd, right? The nurse, cheerleading, or angel costumes available at party stores just don't cut it anymore. So you look on Pinterest to find the costume of your dreams. So many great ideas, yet so little time and resources to achieve these looks! What now? Ah well, you're in luck.

Little did you know that your favorite clothing store you visit every week could carry so many DIY costume options! All you need is a little creativity and imagination, and the possibilities are endless! We're giving you a few ideas on what you could do with pieces from Nectar that'll have you turning skulls at every costume party you go to this month.


Just Add Ears


If you're looking for an outfit that requires little effort yet still looks put together, this one is for you—the simple "just add ears" costume. This season, suede is a huge hit and makes for a perfectly good animal piece. For this look, we used one of our black suede rompers and our black knee high boots to create the body of a black cat. We then added a cute pair of silver ears, accessories and whiskers to complete the costume. I'm a cat . . . duh!


Peace, Love and Nectar


When shopping for a costume outfit, it's always a good idea to buy pieces you would wear again and again after Halloween. This hippie/ flower child costume is exactly that. We are absolutely obsessed with every piece of this outfit. From the lace bralette to the fringed vest and platform heels, this look is a definite yasssss in our book. It takes hippie vibes to a whole new level! I mean... just look at those high waisted bell bottoms.  ;)


Mother Nature

This costume is our favorite because it's so original, cute and unbelievably easy! All we did was style a floral dress with simple black sandals. We then added some greenery in her hair and hands! The great thing about this outfit is that you can ditch the leaves and rock it when Halloween is over, time and time again. Mother Nature has never looked so stylish.

Just because it's Halloween doesn't mean you can't look absolutely adorbs in your costume! You also don't have to spend a ton of money on cliché pre-made costumes. Stop by your nearest Nectar and we've got you covered. Just be authentic, creative and sweet as Nectar.