Taste | Sierra Lakes Golf Club Champagne Sunday Brunch

Written By: Chef Alex Rivas

Photographed By: Katrina Honer

Now the major holidays are over, many people do not make an effort to get together to visit with loved ones often enough. However that shouldn’t be an excuse, and perhaps planning a nice Sunday brunch date is something families, couples and friends can look forward to. I know I plan on spending more quality time with my family this year. So, when I found out that my next tasting was at the beautiful Sierra Lakes Golf Club for a special brunch feature, I was very excited to learn more about this little gem in Fontana. 





As I got off Sierra Avenue from the 210, I couldn’t help but think how many times I have been in this direct area and never knew that Sierra Lakes hosts a Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Lakes Bar & Lounge. When I pulled into the busy parking lot on a lovely Sunday around noon, I knew something special was going on. My excitement continued to build as I walked through the heavy French doors.




We had reservations, which I have to tell you, I was quite relieved because reservations should be made in advance if you want to secure your way into this luxurious brunch. Walking into the dining room, I instantly noticed all the appetizing stations available at the Sierra Lakes’ Sunday Brunch. Utilizing what looks to be a large banquet-style room, this comfortable space is a nice restaurant setting with all the works. I sat down over in the corner so that I could see the interactions between the guests and staff, as well as get a better feel of the friendly crowd.




We were led to our table where our server, Xavier, was awaiting to take our drink orders. As it was a champagne brunch, how could I say no to bottomless mimosas? So after I ordered, I was very surprised that Xavier returned with a whole brand-new bottle of champagne and a bucket to hold it. I have to say Sierra Lakes is one of the only placse that I have visited that leaves you a bottle of champagne at the table, and if you run out .  . .




My new friend, Joe, who was sitting at the corner with me said that if you turn that baby upside down, they will bring you a new bottle in no time. Joe gave me many pointers on how to get the most out of the brunch, as he said he'd been going to Sierra Lakes Brunch for more than 15 years now. So if you go, you will more than likely run into Joe over in the corner, and he will make sure you are happy with your experience. After sipping on some champagne, I could no longer ignore the array of appetizing aromas coming from all the different stations at this huge brunch.





I made my way to the Omelet Station to start my morning with a classic dish. Sierra Lakes offers all the ingredients you’d like in an omelet from bacon, ham, sausage, shrimp to all the vegetables you can imagine. I went with a little cheddar cheese as well. The girl manning the station did a great job while also keeping an eye on the waffle station, which served up some beautifully crisp waffles that filled the area with a sweet aroma.





Although I had many great dishes this Sunday Brunch had to offer, it only accounted for a fraction of the dishes available at Sierra Lakes Brunch. I will have to highlight my favorites because sadly I didn’t get to try all the dishes, although I gave it my best effort.





I next moved over to the Taco Station, which offered yet again many options from carnitas, carne asada and chicken with all the fixings, including my favorite—fresh made guacamole. Yet next to that Sierra Lakes offers you a stir fry station with a chef manning it ready to prepare it the way you want and offering about four different sauces from stir fry, orange, teriyaki or spicy—this was not a bad way to get some veggies in the morning.





Now as an uncle, I love pretending to be a T-Rex who is going to eat my nephew because he plays my dinner. But when I saw the carving station at Sierra Lakes Brunch, my inner T-Rex came out. They display a beautiful prime rib and ham for anyone that would like, and I also got to meet the Chef. He mentioned that if you didn’t like your prime rib at what I consider beautiful and perfect at medium rare, they are willing to cook a piece of prime rib at the temperature that you would like. Sierra Lakes Brunch staff really makes you feel like family because of small but meaningful gestures like these.




I made my way to the breakfast station, where I had to grab some of the normal brunch items like scrambled eggs, fresh cooked bacon and sausage links, but what really made my inner child come out was the country fried steak smothered in gravy. Fried just right with nice, creamy white gravy, how could anyone go wrong with any of these classic dishes? I could easily eat their eggs all day with a plate full of bacon and be completely satisfied, however there was more to be tasted.






After getting my breakfast fix, I looked over the lunch items. There were countless items to pick from like menudo, orange chicken and stuffed shells, but what I really had to try was the Pork Oso Bucco, which is a rare item to see on a brunch station. This dish certainly did not disappoint—it was so soft and bursting with flavor that I started to question why I ate so much breakfast beforehand. The Lamb Shank was another item that I couldn’t believe was so well executed and available in endless portions.




One of the most difficult parts about going to a brunch sometimes is that the variety is limited, but at Sierra Lakes, you have to spend the first 15 minutes just planning what it is that you are going to want to eat that day, because there is no way to try it all. Unfortunately, I was so full once dessert rolled around, I only got to try the Crème Brule. This dessert was a perfectly sweet way to end my tasting, although I was sad I couldn’t fit anything else after such a great experience.






Overall, I was really caught by surprise at the selection of delicious, quality items available at this Champagne Sunday Brunch. Impressive breakfast and lunch offerings along with the large dessert selection ensure this brunch is loved by even the pickiest of eaters. What quality behind Sierra Lakes Golf Club’s Champagne Brunch Sunday makes it a step above the rest? While they clearly serve imaginative dishes and endless mimosas with upstanding service, as you sit back and look out at the crowd and the community of people that join to brunch each Sunday—you feel like you are part of a big family.




This comfortable and kind atmosphere is due to the great service provided by the staff and employees who are constantly making their rounds to ensure every guest is satisfied and happy. Sierra Lakes Golf Club is even a great place to bring the kids and feed the ducks if you would like, which was only a few feet away from the building—what a nice touch it was seeing families feeding ducks their brunch.




Treat yourself by making a brunch date with just your small family or all your loved ones at Sierra Lakes Golf Club. Don’t miss their special Valentines Champagne Brunch on Sunday, February 14th. It will surely be a romantic and delicious surprise for your sweetheart.

Sunday Champagne Brunch, Sierra Lakes Golf Club, 16600 Clubhouse Dr., Fontana, CA 92336. Brunch is most Sundays from 10a.m. to 2p.m. Price is $25.99 for adults on non-holidays ($34.95 on holidays), $16.95 for children ages five to twelve and $6.95 for children under five. Make your reservation by calling (909) 350-2500, Ext. 5. For more information visit this website.

Full Disclosure: This dining experience was provided complimentary by Sierra Lakes Golf Club, however all opinions expressed are 100% our own.


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