The Cold Comfort Band

By: Manuel Cortez


The blues have never sounded so alive when The Cold Comfort Band steps up to the stage. A band that has been together for almost 10 years, these guys know what they want to play, and the audience can’t help but love their take on blues, rock and funk classics.

Hearing The Cold Comfort Band live is like listening to Jethro Tull with a blues twist or the The Beatles’ classic "Taxman" jazzified. When these gentlemen take the stage they’re playing not just for the audience, but also for musicians. Playing live, this band’s reputable experience and killer tunes elevate the atmosphere as rapturous and invigorating.

Robbie King, a guitarist originally from Washington DC, came to Riverside in 2008. King then met up with frontman Gordon Campbell not long after. Since then, King has been helping Campbell achieve a vision for the band to deliver music that doesn’t beat around the bush. Robbie contributes fantastic re-arrangements in classic songs like "Ain’t Superstitious" originally played by Howlin’ Wolf. Robbie isn’t just plucking at guitar strings, he is hitting every note and it reaches your soul. Listening to Robbie play is like listening to a cleaner and faster version of BB King, and King honors him in this way.

Campbell hails from Colton, and he has vocals that echo through the innermost vestiges of the soul. Inspired by artists like The Doors, Eric Burden and Joe Cocker, King hits every note with vitality and intensity. He’s been a musician for most of his life and has modeled his band to perform great covers and original songs.

The Cold Comfort Band plays with a big set up, and the members need a lot of space. With a triple stacked keyboard, a full drum kit, a guitarist, a bassist and a frontman, these gents use every inch of space they can. This setup alone is a unique way to play the blues. Normally, a blues band would have a simple setup, but The Cold Comfort Band pulls out all the stops and hits hard.

These guys have played at a lot of venues in the Inland Empire, and they frequent Bob’s Boogie Barn in Riverside. The Cold Comfort Band has played at Vault Martini Bar & Grill in Redlands. Despite rocking several different locations in the IE, The Cold Comfort Band loves to play wherever people want to have a good time and know what they want to hear. As long as the crowd is having fun, The Cold Comfort Band knows it is delivering tunes exactly where it ought to be!

The Cold Comfort Band is playing at the Roadkill Ranch on June 21, 2016, in Fullerton and The Tudor House in Lake Arrowhead on August 12, 2016. The Cold Comfort Band has one original song available on iTunes called “World Fell Away.”