Written By: Jamie Solis

Videos By: Kreativisuals


IEShineOn.com is excited to launch our newest feature column "The Inside Scoop" where we visit local businesses in the Inland Empire and share their story, while also getting the "inside scoop" on where these Inland Empire Insiders go for local fun.

We hope to share our new video feature with you every month. And now introducing our first feature with La Bomba Vintage in Downtown Pomona.




La Bomba is more than a chic carnival-themed, go big or go home fashion haven that carries one-of-a-kind threads and accessories from all your favorite decades. It's also a place that has been helping serve the creative and vibrant community that Downtown Pomona is known for. Albert is the owner of La Bomba Vintage in Downtown Pomona, and he’s had the privilege to witness the growth of the area's downtown and how important the music scene has been to Pomona's success. Alfred invited us in to get The Inside Scoop about his vintage store’s impressive partnerships with top fashion designers and musicians, with his products appearing countless times on the big screen and center stage. Watch the video below to learn more about La Bomba Vintage's story, style and passion.

Being long-time fans and customers of this unique vintage clothing store in Downtown Pomona, we were also curious to get inside one of the creative minds who has been successfully holding down this vibrant spot as a proud characteristic of Pomona for many years. Watch the videos below to get Alfred’s Inside Scoop on his favorite places to go in the Inland Empire.



Visit La Bomba Vintage at 195 W. 2nd St., Ste. C, Pomona, CA 91766. To find out more, visit their website.



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