"The Inside Scoop" with Klatch Coffee

Written by: Megan Gonzalez

Not only does Klatch Coffee have that traditionally welcoming coffee house vibe, it has some of the best coffee in the Inland Empire. We got the Inside Scoop with Klatch Coffee's co-owner Heather Perry. Klatch Coffee is a family-owned business that has been flourishing in the Inland Empire for 22 years. Klatch Coffee spends time making sure that they have the best coffee beans to produce the best product. It also helps that Heather Perry is a national barista champion, and a runner up to the world's best barista. The aroma of coffee is as welcoming as the employees that are sure to help you get the best cup of joe. Support local business, and try out Klatch Coffee!  

Heather Perry gives us The Inside Scoop on Klatch Coffee's roots and all about their trendy new store in Rancho Cucamonga. She also lets us in on a few of her Inland Empire family traditions, as well as her favorite local place to get away and her favorite local hang out. Klatch Coffee has two locations in the Inland Empire, in both Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga. Their other locations are in LAX, Koreatown and San Dimas. Visit Klatch Coffee's website for more information!


"The Inside Scoop" with Heather Perry


Q: What is your favorite Inland Empire family tradition?


Q: What is your favorite local place to sneak away?


Q. What does Klatch Coffee do for its community?



Q: Where do you like to hang out locally?