Wellness | Healthy Meals in a Bowl

By: Jamie Durante

There is something so satisfying about having an entire meal fit into one bowl. No unnecessary carbs clutter the table, and you can take leftovers to work the next day with ease. From salads to chicken and breakfast, these six healthy meals you can enjoy in a bowl will have you reconsidering your meal planning once again.

Remember to choose organic ingredients, and portions are everything! Be mindful of your recommended daily intake for calories and nutrients for your body type and lifestyle.


1. Spinach Salad


Healthy salads do not have to be boring at all—let us introduce you to the Hearty Spinach Salad.






Add a healthy amount of spinach to the bowl. Then add sliced boiled egg whites and half a cubed avocado. Top lightly with dried cranberries and almonds. Then lightly dress with your favorite dressing—we chose a healthy Dijon vinaigrette.


2. Chicken Fiesta Bowl



Get ready for a delicious, flavorful bowl of goodness to satisfy your hunger for lunch or dinner, without packing on unnecessary calories. Start by layering your bowl with romaine lettuce, lightly seasoned and cooked pinto beans and whole grain brown rice.




Then add chopped onions and bell peppers that have been quickly grilled stovetop in light coconut oil.




After you’ve added a generous amount of bell peppers and onion to your bowl with a healthy serving of fire-roasted salsa. Top this dish off with oven-baked, lightly seasoned chicken breast that has also baked in fire-roasted salsa. Slice chicken, add to the bowl, and enjoy!


3. Breakfast Fiesta Bowl


Are you looking for a vegetarian option for the fiesta bowl, or would you like to turn your leftovers into breakfast?




Substitute chicken for scrambled eggs, take away the romaine lettuce, and add half a fresh sliced avocado. This is how you start your day off on the right foot!


4. Potato Leek Soup




This hearty and satisfying soup is simple enough that even a beginner cook can pull it off flawlessly.



Chop two large russet potatoes, two white bulbs of leeks and a comprable amount of celery, and boil stovetop with a little chicken or vegetable broth, water, salt, pepper and a bay leaf (or two) for about 20 minutes.





Blend soup mixture, and boil with about one-third cup of milk on the stovetop. Add salt and pepper if needed, and serve with a light sprinkle of your favorite cheese.


5. Cous Cous With Tofu & Veggies



Don't worry meat eaters—substituting tofu for chicken is actually recommended for those who eat meat, as it may give the dish a better texture. Either way, as a vegetarian, I ate this dish faster than I thought was possible—it was delicious!




I started off with two ounces of extra-firm sprouted tofu and two large organic tomatoes, and I chopped them both into small pieces.




From there, I threw them into a pan on medium heat with a little olive oil, about a teaspoon of minced garlic, salt and italian seasoning. When the tofu mixture had a few minutes left of cook time, I threw in a large handful of hand-torn spinach.





I bought a healthy, pre-packaged cous cous mix from the grocery store that had olive oil and garlic seasoning. I followed the simple instructions on the package, and my cous cous was ready in just five minutes.





I put about a serving of cous cous into the bowl and layered it generously with half of the tofu and vegetables. This dish was delicious, and the best part was being able to enjoy it again in the form of leftovers the following day.


6. Greek Yogurt Parfait



Although the pictures demonstrate a "snack size" version of this meal, if you give yourself a little more generous portions, you'll be full enough to start your day with a natural energy boost.





Layer strawberry yogurt, fresh diced fruit (we chose to stick with strawberries) and a small portion of granola and smashed unsalted almonds. I chose to mix the ingredients all together before I dug in. Enjoy!




On another note, you can make an adorable toddler-friendly version of this meal by substituting granola and almonds with a whole-grain, organic cereal your child loves. Maybe add a slice of peanut butter toast for protein.

Eat well, Inland Empire. And don't forget to share your favorite healthy recipes in the comments below!


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