Wellness | How Yoga and Meditation Can Enhance Your Life

By: Christina Rico, Health Coach & Personal Trainer




What do you aim to get out of your fitness routine? Are you trying to lose weight and tone your muscles? Do you desire a strong and flexible body? Or, do you simply want to increase your energy and maintain good health? Whatever it is that you are striving for, yoga can help you achieve.

The immense benefits of yoga and meditation are often misunderstood, and they are commonly overlooked styles of physical activity. However, in addition to offering numerous physical benefits, yoga promotes self-awareness and helps us become more in tune with our mental and spiritual being.

If you do not already incorporate yoga and meditation techniques into your routine, you might want to reconsider. Hopefully these reasons will inspire you to make yoga and meditation part of your routine!


Learn to regulate the nervous system.

 Have you ever noticed that you breathe faster when you are stressed or mad, and your breath is mellow when you are calm? Breath is a bridge between the body and mind, and it can be consciously controlled. The foundations of yoga are rooted deeply in becoming aware of your breath and using your breath to regulate the nervous system. When you practice yoga regularly, you learn how to be more conscious of your breath and how to control it. Imagine having the ability to improve your mood by connecting with your breathing.


Enhance physical body.

There is no doubt that your body will transform when you combine yoga and a healthy nutrition program. Although you may not burn as many calories as you do during high intensity workouts, yoga will certainly trim and tone your body while strengthening the muscles. Since yoga also helps you become more self-aware, chances are you will become more conscious about how you nourish your body.


Naturally relieve stress.

When you slow down and tune into your breathing, you can calm your mind and release tension. Meditation teaches you how to achieve peacefulness within the body through relaxation and breathing techniques. Certain yoga poses can also be effective ways to release stress.


Better balance and core strength.

Yoga requires full body coordination and awareness to properly perform and hold each pose. When practicing any yoga pose, it takes concentration to maintain balance throughout the movement. At the same time, these yoga poses require us to lengthen the spine and engage different muscles. With continued practice, you can clearly see how yoga may help improve balance and strengthen your deep abdominal muscles.


Improve flexibility.

When you hear the word “yoga,” stretching and flexibility immediately come to mind. That is because practicing yoga involves moving the muscles and joints through different ranges of motion. Stretching and lengthening the muscles during yoga will help improve your flexibility. However, keep in mind that yoga is about far more than flexibility, and you do not have to be flexible to do yoga!


Promote mindfulness and positive thinking.

Meditation practices are used to expand awareness in your mind and body. Meditation helps bring the mind to the present moment, where we can focus on our current state of being. During this time, you can clear your mind of toxic thoughts and fill it with positivity.


Find your intuition.

As you become more self-aware and in tune with your body, it is possible that you will also improve your intuitive ability. By becoming more aware of your body and conscious of your surroundings, you may experience a deeper connection with your intuitions. You may find it easier to recognize the things that will best serve your body.


From muscle toning, to improved balance and stress management, there is no doubt that yoga and meditation techniques boast numerous benefits for the whole body. It is safe to say that these practices would compliment any fitness routine, and can be incorporated if you want to enhance your overall health!

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