Bikini or Brazilian?

By: Corri Vara, Owner of International Day Spa

Waxing can be a very sensitive subject for spa guests. Often times they are hesitant to ask questions due to feeling embarrassed. At International Day Spa, we are happy to educate our guests on all of our services, especially waxing.

From facial waxing to body waxing, we provide a comfortable and private environment where services are performed by a licensed Esthetician. Eyebrow waxing and touch ups are most commonly scheduled. An International Brow design is a full 30-minute service that includes customized tweezing, shaping, trimming and waxing. Our quick 15-minute brow wax is specifically for guests who have received a brow wax within the last five weeks.

While people come in for many different waxing services provided at International Day Spa, one question we always get is what’s the difference between a Bikini or Brazilian wax? A Brazilian wax removes more hair than a bikini wax. Where a bikini focuses on the front and sides (what would be visible in a swimsuit), the Brazilian removes the front, sides, back and everything in between, often leaving only a strip of hair in the front-or none at all if you choose.


Why Brazilian? Some reasons for having a Brazilian wax include cleanliness, convenience and, of course, sexiness. But it's not just about feelin sexy. When you sit at the beach or pool in your bathing suit, you feel more comfortable because you don't have to worry about hair peeking out.

To achieve the best results from any waxing service the hair must be a 1/4 of an inch long. We suggest exfoliating the day prior to your service, and avoid using body lotion on the areas that will be waxed. Nervous about the pain? It is okay to take a pain reliever before your appointment. If you are worried about pesky ingrown hairs, wait 48 hours, and then exfoliate in the shower to remove dead skin so the pores do not become clogged.

Female guests can schedule the following services for hair removal:

Lower Leg, Upper Leg or Full Leg

International Eyebrow Designing or Eyebrow Touchup

Lip, Chin, Neck, Forehead, Cheeks or Full Face

3 Item

Bikini, Upper Leg with Bikini, Full Leg with Bikini or Brazilian

Underarms, Stomach, Arms, Back or Chest


International Day Spa is happy to also provide waxing services to our male clientele. Available services include:

Eyebrow Touchup

Lip, Chin, Neck, Forehead, Cheeks or Full Face

3 Item

Underarms, Stomach, Arms, Back or Chest


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