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By: Corri Vara, Owner of International Day Spa


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Your first visit to the spa can be more stressful if you are unsure of what to wear, when to arrive and how much to tip. First time spa-goers can relax and peacefully prepare for their experience with our Spa Etiquette Guide. Facilities and policies vary so be sure to check your spa's website beforehand for more information.


Comfort Level

When receiving your treatment, your Therapist will address your needs based on your personal assessment. They will speak to you about the temperature, pressure, music, product, and sequence of service they are providing. We encourage you to also communicate how you are feeling during your service, and if there is anything specific you would like us to address.


What To Wear

 Arrive to the spa in comfortable attire. Robes are available to change in to. All of our therapists at International Day Spa go to great lengths to maintain guest modesty, stepping out of the treatment room to allow you to disrobe and get comfortable under the sheet on the massage table. If you are uncomfortable about being in the buff, you do not have to undress completely; it is perfectly okay to wear underwear while having a massage. Second, there are select treatments for which spas will often supply disposable undergarments. 





Our full service spa offers the ultimate in relaxation with our Quiet Room, private Hydrotherapy Tub, and co-ed Steam Room. For your comfort and convenience, we provide you with a robe, spa sandals and towel. Spa gowns and boxers are provided to wear in our co-ed Steam Room.


Tipping Policy

Tipping is not expected, but is always appreciated (about the same as you would tip your hairdresser). Have you received services from more than one therapist? Leave a separate tip for each one. Tips can be left in envelopes at the front desk.


Health Conditions

Please note that receiving treatments when ill (with cold or flu for example) may cause your symptoms to accelerate and, if contagious, may place our treatment staff in an unhealthy environment. If illness is detected, alternative treatments or rescheduling may be necessary.


Technology and Manners

For the tranquility of our guests we ask that all cell phones and tablets be silenced. In our Quiet Room and throughout the spa, conversation is fine as long as it's in a soft tone.




No Shows and Late Cancellations

If you need to rearrange your schedule, please give us a 24-hour notice. If you miss an appointment without calling or cancel without 24-hours notice, you will be billed and will need to pre-pay for all future appointments.


Late Arrivals

Please note that if you arrive late for your treatment, it will end as scheduled so as to not delay the next guest. We encourage you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment.



For the tranquility of our clients, please do not bring children to the spa unless they are receiving services.  


Days and Hours

We are here to serve you seven days a week, from 9a.m. to 9p.m.




International Day Spa is a quiet retreat where you can escape & renew your body, mind and spirit offering massages, facials, waxing, body wraps and hydrotherapy treatments. Our 100-year-old Victorian cottage in Historic Downtown Redlands is a peaceful oasis. Please visit our website here www.INTLDaySpa.com or call (909) 793-9080 for more information.


Thank you again to Corri Vara, owner of the International Day Spa. We look forward to hearing a lot more from Corri this year! If you liked the new article, or if you have specific questions about skincare, bodycare or salon treatments, please leave us a comment below.