The ancient tradition of Samurai chefs lives on at Mikado where knife-twirling chefs use fire and steam to create a mouthwatering menu of steak, chicken and seafood delights accompanied by delicate vegetables and exotic sauces. The highlight of the meal is the dazzling talent of the chef as he expertly chops, juggles, jokes and prepares an incredible meal right before your eyes. East meets west at the ultimate sushi bar, where you can relax and enjoy the freshest foods and Japanese garden views.

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The JW has a couple restaurants on site, so we thought we'd kick off our girls weekend by checking one out. The most adorable part is that you take little water taxi's to get to them! We piled into our love boat in heels and hairspray and were whisked by the lovely and friendly Captain Joan over to Mikado for a late evening reservation. Our table needed a hot second so we posted up in the lounge. A bit awkward, they also have a sushi bar stationed in the waiting area, but a lot of people are simply passing through or just want a drink. The chef's there seemed a bit frustrated with the lack of business meant for them We sat briefly waiting for our table and they expressed that they wanted it kept clear for diners...we got outta the way as soon as possible but I think they should just turn the whole space into a bar because it really is just a waiting zone and the puppy dog eyes from the chef's who got no business or tips was uncomfortable. We were seated within 5 minutes tho, the tables are shared and we were placed next to some fun people. Everyone was in the mood for a good time, bring out the sake! We order lobster, steak, chicken, the works, all created in front of us with over the top flare. Mike,our chef,totally brought the entertainment value for the evening, he was a top 40 guru with songs, it was pretty provocative...gets the people goin! He made a volcano of onions and started a rendition of "The Roof Is on Fire" as well as expressing that there were "so many ways to love us." ( Usher ) He challenge our skills with tossing shrimp in our mouths from across the room and we were all pleased with the flavors and selection! Generous portions, to go boxes were a must. The food was fantastic, not a budget choice, but worth the cost for sure! Included soup, salad, and a dessert. The boat ride made it charming as well and added to the value.